Data Control

To succeed in population health, you need control of your data. Caradigm aggregates and manages data from across the community to make information accessible where and when you need it.

Caradigm solutions bring together patient data from disparate sources, transform the data into a consistent and meaningful format and store that data in a repository for convenient access. An advanced solution, the Caradigm® Intelligence Platform delivers prebuilt interfaces for a breadth of systems, provides sophisticated data normalization and terminology mapping, and easily combines both claims and clinical data. As a result, you can achieve the goal of the comprehensive, longitudinal view of each patient that enables the best decision making possible.


The Caradigm Intelligence Platform ingests and manages all healthcare data types. This includes combining and reconciling patient health data from multiple EMRs with claims data and mining clinical data from unstructured notes via natural language processing (NLP). The data pipeline is optimized for iterative set-up of data feeds; it includes a plug-in framework to handle any data format, including HL7, XML, CSV, CCD, etc. The Integrated semantics engine powered by Health Language, the industry leader in healthcare terminology, contributes to increased usability of the ingested data for applications to reuse.

Built exclusively for healthcare, Caradigm Identity and Access Management (IAM) addresses the operational challenges of access to clinical applications while protecting you from increasing security and compliance risk by safeguarding access to patient health information. The IAM solution offers provisioning, single sign-on, clinical application integration and context management.

Caradigm gives you the control you need to succeed.


The Caradigm Intelligence Platform transforms the delivery of care through the strategic use of data. The platform aggregates and normalizes clinical, operational and financial data from systems across the community—including EHRs, billing systems, payers, pharmacy systems, labs, and HIEs—and delivers timely information to your providers within their workflows at the point of care. This information powers rich analytics to deliver deep insights into individual patients, populations and performance; to predict outcomes; and to rapidly identify the actions needed for improvement.

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Caradigm Open Exchange achieves ConCert Certification from HIMSS for interoperability.


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