Identity and Access Management

Caradigm’s identity and access management protects you from increasing security and compliance risk by safeguarding patient health information.

Your IT department faces a perfect storm in its efforts to manage access to applications and data: a growing number of clinical, productivity and mobile applications; massive and ever-expanding volumes of data; a dynamic workforce; and the shift to collaborative care across boundaries. Behind the operational challenges, regulatory changes are requiring you to be ever more vigilant in protecting the privacy of patient health information. Providing immediate and appropriate access to the applications your caregivers need when they need it advances efficiency and improves patient outcomes. Even more importantly, you need a comprehensive way to monitor patient privacy, identify access risk, and meet compliance requirements.

Built exclusively for healthcare, Caradigm integrated Identity and Access Management addresses the operational challenges of access to clinical applications while protecting you from increasing security and compliance risk by safeguarding access to patient health information.


Clinical Access Governance enables a healthcare organization to respond to increasing security and compliance risk by safeguarding patient health information. Governance capabilities are implemented through controls, automation, and analytics.

Clinical Application Integration leverages Caradigm’s extensive clinical application library, allowing Provisioning and Single Sign-On connectors to be created for hundreds of applications from vendors such as Epic, Cerner, GE, and McKesson.

Context Management maintains patient context across applications, allowing automatic access to the right patient record as clinicians move from system to system. This saves time and increases accuracy.

Password Management enables password synchronization across systems and clinical/business applications. Synchronization allows password changes to be propagated to all target systems and applications. These powerful coordination capabilities minimize the password management pains that users struggle with between applications and systems.

EPCS Authentication streamlines clinical workflow of electronically prescribing controlled substances (EPCS) and simplifies the two-factor authentication imposed by the DEA and state regulations. The required strong authentication is seamlessly built into the electronic prescribing workflow while providing an optimal experience for the clinicians.


Provisioning Identity Management, a role-based identity management solution, automatically creates, modifies or terminates access to clinical applications. This improves clinician satisfaction by giving caregivers rapid access to the applications and data they need.

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Single Sign-On (SSO) enables your clinicians to use a single set of credentials – entered once per session – and multi-factor authentication in an integrated clinical workstation. They can access applications quickly without signing on to each one separately.

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